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These pages are about Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults and contains information to help NHS staff in their day to day practice.  However this information may also be helpful to you the public.  The documents and information listed below can be easily found in our Safeguarding adults document library

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If you would like any further advice or information, please do not hesitate to contact one of the team on 01992 566120 x 1483

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Protect your online activities

Are you aware that all of your online activities are stored on your computer while you browse the internet? For example, your browser keeps a history of websites you’ve visited and logs of usernames and passwords that you use, perhaps even on a daily basis.

Your browser history can assist in trying to remember a website that you forgot to bookmark, but it can also be used to track your online activities. Depending on what you’re doing at work or at home, you may have unwanted eyes following your every action. This can certainly add stress to a subject of an abusive relationship.

One method to get around this would be to clear all of that data after you’ve completed your tasks on the internet, however you’re effectively deleting items that you may need later. A more effective method of hiding your online activities while keeping your browsing history is termed Private Browsing.

Private Browsing makes sure that your browsing activities don’t leave any data trace on your own computer.  Most browsers have some form of Private Browsing built in. It is extremely important to note however that Private Browsing does not keep you anonymous from the websites that you visit or from your internet service provider (ISP). It also can’t protect you from viruses or spyware applications.  Private Browsing is simply about making sure that you aren’t storing any data that could be used to track your online activities by other users of the same computer or network. You may turn it on when you start and turn it off when finished.

For more information on how to use private browsing with your internet browser, see the links below.